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The 4th Commemoration of the April 26 International Women Peace Day


Theme of ‘Strengthening of Women’s Global Partnership for Sustainable Peace
About 350 women leaders and members attended the online commemorative event to proclaim the ‘World

Women’s Declaration of Peace’

In celebration to the 4th commemoration of ‘The 4th Commemoration of the April 26 International
Women's Peace Day, the Global 9 Region of the International Women's Peace Group (IWPG,
Global Region Director Mi-sook Lim) held an online commemorative ceremony at 8:00 pm on the
26th under the theme of 'Strengthening Global Women's Partnership for Sustainable Peace'.

The ceremony was simultaneously interpreted into three languages: English, German, and
Mongolian. About 350 female leaders and members attended.

IWPG has designated April 26 as the International Women’s Peace Day in 2019 with the
origin of 'Cessation of War and Realization of Peace' to protect precious lives from war and
pass on peace to future generations in solidarity with women around the world. It is a day
to rise up together dreaming of a safe world.

The event started with a welcome speech by Mi-sook Im, Global Region Director, followed by a
progress report on the 'International Women's Peace Day, a commemorative speech by
Chairwoman Hyun-sook Yoon, and Bude Munkhtuya, who served as a president of Assembly of
Mothers with the Order of Mothers and President Lamia Yahya al-Eriani and former Minister
of Education (founder of Yemen Peace School). Continuously, chairwoman Yoon declared the
'World Women's Peace Declaration', followed by overseas congratulatory videos, peace
performances, and DPCW support and urging activity videos.
An advisory member of the IWPG, Munkhtuya said, “I was very interested in the work of
peace at the national level, so I came across IWPG’s Women’s Peace Instructor Training

(PLTE) and worked with practical answers with the goal of realizing peace not only for
myself but for the world. “I was deeply moved by the activities of the IWPG Global 9 Region.
If we become one, we can achieve peace and become true messengers of peace. Future
generations will remember all our peace activities.”
Another speech was given by advisory member of IWPG Oak-lan WOO, “The way to
peacefully resolve disputes and end war is the ‘DPCW, the Declaration of Peace and
Cessation of War. This is a declaration made by IWPG’s cooperative organization, HWPL,
and IWPG is actively participating in support and promote to become an international law.”
IWPG is an international NGO registered in the UN DGC (Department of Global
Communications) with its headquarters in South Korea and 110 branches and 500
cooperative organizations all around the world.

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