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IWPG Peace Lecturer Training Education Completion Ceremony of 2021 1st half 34 Graduates from 6 countries received the Certificates

IWPG Peace Lecturer Training Education Completion Ceremony  of 2021 1st half 34 Graduates from 6 countries received the Certificates

The International Women's Peace Group (IWPG hereafter) Incheon branch had the completion ceremony of the Peace Lecturers Training Education Program on June 25th, 2021 at 9 p.m. local time.

IWPG Incheon branch held an online event called Peace Lecturer Training Education in Mongolia and Berlin with participants worldwide from March 20th to April 24th in Mongolia, and from May 29th to May 31st in Berlin, Germany. They have turned out 21 graduates in total, 9 from Germany, 12 from Mongolia. In addition, they awarded the certificate of completion 13 graduates who completed the training in Mongolia in 2019, who were not able to hold the graduation ceremony due to the corona virus.

The ceremony was attended by some IWPG members including IWPG Incheon Chief Branch Manager Mi-sook Lim, Mongolia Branch Manager Ganchimek Jernanhu, Berlin Branch Manager Gyulcin Sahin. They also had representative of IWPG Nigeria Peace Committee Ameh Betty, and Harsha Rahul from Polity Link. It was followed by distribution of certificates to trainees and speeches from the branch managers and the graduates. There was also a promotion for the YouTube channel where the speeches of the graduates were posted.

Mi-sook Lim, IWPG Incheon Chief Branch Manager, congratulated the graduates, saying that the graduation ceremony is not the end of education, but a new beginning. She encouraged them to work as front-runners of peace in each country to achieve a world peace.

Dr. Chewele Altanjol, one of the graduates from Mongolia, said, “I learned that planting seeds of peace is very important for everyone in the world and I felt it deeper inside my heart from the education. The knowledge of peace should be spread to all the people to respect and understand each other.”

Ejura Opanachi, the graduate from Nigeria, said, “While the training was free, it certainly wasn't cheap. I will speak for many how much it’s insightful, satisfying and worthy of taking. Thank you so much IWPG for this wonderful opportunity.”

The graduates will be peace lecturers and pass on the peace to the home, society, nation, and the whole world eventually. They can grow as peace leaders by spreading and planting peace to others in their community and the world, making it last for generations in the future.

You can watch short peace lectures by those who have completed training through the YouTube channel, Peace Speech with IWPG PLTE, clicking the link. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC95hjO0qeY8JKV64SzmgB8w

The International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) is an NGO that is registered with UN DGC, in consultative status with UN ECOSOC, and is registered under the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family of the Republic of Korea. It was first established in September 2019 and there are over 100 branches throughout 130 countries with headquarters in Seoul, South Korea.

Attachment: Event Photos

1) Lim Mi-sook, Manager of Incheon Chief Branch, and the Branch Managers of Berlin and Mongolia, who delivered congratulations on the graduation ceremony, and Ejura Opanich and Cheble Altangut, representatives of graduates who made their speech

2) 34 graduates who received certificates at the completion ceremony of the IWPG peace lecturer training education in the first half of 2021

3) The video of people congratulating the graduates who have completed the IWPG peace lecturer training education and received a certificate of completion

4) Attendees such as graduates and lecturers who have attended the completion ceremony of the Peace Lecturer Training are taking a commemorative photo, shouting ‘we are one’





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