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Embodying the Religious Harmony and Peace in Bahrain through the WARP Office

On 18 December, the 30th Manama Bahrain World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Office(Warp Office) was held by the NGO under the UN ECOSOC called Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL). Three religious leaders and 12 audiences from three religions of Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism participated in the WARP Office with the topic of 'the Role for Religious Leaders on the Matter of Abandonment of Religion(Apostasy)'.

Those who gathered at the WARP Office discussed the reason why many people have left the religions and the duty of the religious leaders at this time. Fr. George Yohannan, Vicar of Mar Thoma Church, expressed his opinion, "Through dialogue and proper education, they may come back. Including youths in the WARP Office dialogue is very essential. Nurturing and guiding is very important. We teach them in the childhood so that they accept the faith and practices. They should receive more opportunity to meet with religious leaders and have a discussion with youths."

They had time to make their minds to develop the Bahrain WARP Office which was opened for the first time and has managed the largest number of WARP Offices in the Middle East. After that, some audiences read out the thank-you letter for religious leaders who participated in the WARP Office for the last year with a hope to share ideas and devote efforts in further steps of such a peace work.

Ending up this year, all the participants wished for the religious reconciliation and sustainable development for Bahrain WARP Office in the coming year of 2018. The WARP Offices with same topics went on in 18 countries, including Egypt and Syria for the month of December. HWPL has managed the WARP Office as a communication channel for mutual religions based on the scriptures of each religion. 218 WARP Offices in 126 countries have been run out as of September 2017.




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